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Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Hieroglyphic Alphabet - Egyptian Gift Shop


Hieroglyphs were a pictorial alphabet used in Ancient Egypt from 3100 BC to approximately 300 AD.
The Hieroglyphic alphabet contains over 250 different phonetic and decorative hieroglyphics. Some alphabet representing sounds, other representing whole words and other full sentences. As the sounds represented by the hieroglyphic alphabet are not exactly the same as in English, the easiest way is just write your name in English and our artists in Egypt will translate it into hieroglyphic.
Please note that some letters have more than one symbol or combined symbols, (example, A, CH, TH).
You are welcome to request your choice of hieroglyphics, when ordering your cartouche, but please note that we cannot absolutely guarantee which symbols will be used. The final decisions rest with the artists in Cairo, especially when space on the cartouche is limited.